Published Name Category
22/01/18 Draft Primary Production and Rural Development State Environmental Planning Policy and planning reforms Planning
10/04/17 Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979 Planning Legislation updates Planning
31/10/16 Joint Organisations Getting the boundaries right Planning
30/10/16 Review of the Local Government Rating System Local Government — Draft Report Planning
12/09/16 Response to the Draft Central West and Orana Regional Plan Planning
01/08/16 Crown Lands Inquiry Planning
31/07/16 Feedback to the Joint Organisation reform process (Background Paper) Planning
14/06/16 Inquiry into Zonal Taxation Planning
24/05/16 Review of the Local Government Rating System Planning
14/03/16 Report to the Minister for Local Government on the Central NSW Pilot Joint Organisation Planning
08/02/16 Inquiry into Regional Planning processes in NSW Planning
30/10/15 Joint Organisation Emerging Directions Planning
14/08/15 IPART review of reporting and compliance burdens on Local Government Planning
15/06/15 Inquiry into the ‘Fit for the Future’ reform agenda Planning
25/05/15 Feedback to IPART on its Methodology for Assessment of Council Fit for the Future Proposals Planning
21/10/14 Centroc EOI to Pilot as a Joint Organisation Planning
28/07/14 Draft Regions for Growth Planning NSW Planning
04/07/14 IPART Local Government compliance and enforcement regulation review draft report Planning
20/06/14 Crownlands Legislation White Paper Planning
20/06/14 Extension of the Waste Levy Options Paper Planning
04/04/14 Response to Government regarding the Independent Local Government Review Panel and Local Government Act Review Taskforce Reports Planning
04/04/14 NRC review of weed Management in NSW Planning
24/01/14 Local Government Performance Network Planning
19/12/13 Funding Framework for Local Lands Services NSW Planning
18/11/13 Biophysical Strategic Agricultural Land Mapping Planning
30/09/13 NSW Rural Health Plan Issues Health
15/08/13 Response to the Independent Panel document regarding community boards: Community-Level Governance Planning
28/06/13 Future Directions for NSW Local Government – Twenty Essential Steps Planning
27/06/13 White Paper – A new Planning System for NSW Planning
22/03/13 Restructuring of Local Land Services Planning
21/03/13 Local Government Reform Planning
09/11/12 Red Tape Review – Local Government Compliance and Enforcement Planning
02/10/12 Submission to the Green Paper on Planning Reforms in NSW Planning
25/09/12 Funding Our Emergency Services Planning
04/09/12 Strengthening Your Community – Independent Local Government Review Panel Consultation Paper Planning
14/08/12 Australian Energy Regulator – Framework and approach to the Ausgrid, Endeavour Energy and Essential Energy regulatory control period commencing July 2014 Planning
06/03/12 Proposed guidelines for Wind Farms development Planning
28/02/12 Centroc Response to NSW Planning System Review’s Issues Paper, The way ahead for planning in NSW Planning
17/09/09 Centroc submission to the draft Revenue Framework for Local Government Report Planning
27/02/09 Centroc submission to the Building Professionals Board – Draft Accreditation Scheme for Local Government Planning