Member Councils

Centroc member Councils have developed a growing interest and engagement in tackling climate change. This has been driven by both the financial imperative to save money and the environmental imperative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The goal of the Carbon+ Project Communication Strategy surrounding the Square Deal Program is to develop an integrated and in depth approach to the projects communication delivering a clear, consistent and positive message about The Community Energy Efficiency Programs (CEEP 1 & 2) and their activities. For more information and to download the web based council toolkit click here

The purpose of this blog site is:
To share information, ideas and improve communication between member councils;
To facilitate mutually beneficial relationships within council, between councils, with project partners and into the broader community;
To develop knowledge and pathways regarding energy efficiency;
To provide support to member councils in the roll out of advice to community regarding the Square Deal Program;
To use the experiences of this project to build the capacity of members, other councils and the broader community
To ensure local industry is aware of the program, in particular the procurement elements

Here you will find posts on: