Sewer Repairs to reduce energy usage at pump stations

Author: Centroc User
Date: July 1, 2014
Category: Energy, Grants & Funding

Through the Centroc Nexus between Water and Energy Program, fourteen Councils in the Central NSW region have embarked on a major program of works to increase energy efficiency at their water and waste water pump stations by reducing the pump load at thirty sites across the region through the relining of sewer pipes and repair of leakages and manholes in areas subject to infiltration.

Council’s sewer and water systems baseline energy usage is currently operating below optimal efficiency with the state of the infrastructure causing the sewer pumps, treatment plants and water pumps/filtration plants to be consume excess electricity.

Efforts to improve efficiencies will reduce energy usage and costs for communities by ensuring Council’s rates for these essential services are kept to a minimum.

This activity received funding from the Australian Government.



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