Centroc Councils get smart with energy savings

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Date: March 26, 2013
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As part of a regional push to conserve energy and to save rate payers’ money, Centroc Councils are adopting a revolving energy cost savings fund.

This initiative is part of the successful Australian Government Community Energy Efficiency Program rolling out in the Centroc region. As part of the program Centroc councils are installing energy efficiency measures which will save money and energy. Councils will then set the monies that they save on electricity bills aside in the revolving energy cost savings fund and plough them back into energy saving initiatives that will save even more money and energy.

“The fund is internally restricted so each council will have complete control over the savings they make, at the same time it inspires Councils to come up with ideas to help save money and energy. It also provides a small amount of money to invest in future programming that saves money and this is useful when applying for funding,” said Cr Ken Keith Chair of Centroc and Mayor of Parkes Shire Council.

The initiative is being co-ordinated by Centroc staff who will be measuring member councils energy use and providing each council with advice on how much energy and money councils are saving as part of the program.

This activity received funding from the Australian Government as part of the Community Energy Efficiency Program.

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