“The Apple Pickers”

Author: Centroc User
Date: February 11, 2011
Category: Community Groups, Recycling, Sustainable Living

These are a pair of steers are located on a small lot on the Macquarie Flood Plain at Bathurst.

They are an inquisitive pair and were very interested in the apple tree that was just almost out of reach, in-fact the fruit has only become accessible as it ripens; the extra weight bringing the branches just into reach.

Having livestock on a small lot can be great fun, most animals on small lots become very friendly and almost pet like.

They can also provide a sustainable way of recycling salad and veggie scraps from the kitchen, very quickly turning the waste into fantastic fertilizer!

It is very important however to remember that livestock, whether it be sheep or cattle can cause a lot of damage to their environment if not managed well.

A few important things to keep an eye out for to ensure your small lot is sustainable and environmentally friendy are:

– make sure there is plenty of groundcover in your paddock, if there is not then you will need to supply your animals with more supplementary feed such as hay. No ground cover means erosion.

– make sure they are not damaging trees, animals can have devastating effects on trees that may be providing habitat for native animals.

– make sure their manure is not washing into flow lines or creeks, animal waste is a huge contributor to water way pollution.

– try and fence off areas around trees, this will allow new seedlings to germinate and in time replace their parent plant, no new seedlings means no new trees in the future.

– Keep stock out of regeneration areas, the grass might be long in there but that is part of the natural regeneration process.

By being a little conscious of the impact of your animals on their environment you can ensure that your favourite little calf remains happy and healthy and environmentally sustainable, although you may always be down a few apples.

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