Veges in Tractor Tyres

Author: Centroc User
Date: January 23, 2011
Category: Community Groups, Gardening & Composting, Recycling

Hi my name is Jenny and I have been setting up my vegetable garden in tractor tyres.  My backyard is quite big and in order to keep my veges in manageable gardens, I decided to use some old tractor tyres that I’ve found.

These are the older vegetables all going to seed for next year.

In my tractor tyre garden beds I am letting coriander and lettuces go to seed while planting new lettuces, zucchini, basil, rocket, parsley, eggplants, capsicum and chillies.

This has been established for a little while but still growing!

The grosse lisse tomatoes are prolific but still very green.

Here are the new lettuces I talked about.

Plant a tree for me in Lachlan Shire.

Remember if you have done something great – send us some photos and we’ll upload them and your story for you AND we’ll plant a tree.

4 Responses to “Veges in Tractor Tyres”

  1. "What a great idea! I love that you are recycling old tractor tyres rather than letting them go into landfill."

  2. "I have also done this, and cutting the side walls out was surprisingly easy (not sure what to do with them???). I have also heard that they can hold water if done properly. I have also gone a step further and turned an old hot water system into a compost bin, and the cut off ends make good bird baths if lined with concrete. Beats driving to the tip."

  3. "Fantastic idea! I have some old tyres and was wondering what to do with them. Such a simple solution but so effective. Thanks"

  4. "I was thinking when looking at the old tyres "they would be good garden beds if filled with dirt" Googled it and there you go!"

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