First 100% Electric Vehicle Challenge at Mt Panorama, Bathurst

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Date: October 17, 2010
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As the world begins to come to terms with the implications of peak oil, Central NSW Councils are remaining abreast of the rapid developments in the electric vehicle industry both in Australia and overseas. To share this information with the community, Centroc will be hosting the first 100% Electric Vehicle Challenge on Mt Panorama in Bathurst on the 29th July, 2010 as part of the “Recharging the Region” Summit at the Mount.

In the last few months the UK released the results of its first electric vehicle trial, the NSW Government has formed an Electric Vehicle Taskforce to look at the technology, infrastructure, policy, and legislation that would ensure motorists could gain early access to electric vehicles, the Victorian Premier  launched the state’s Electric Vehicle Trial and Policy , the City of Sydney launched its first onstreet charging station in Glebe, the NRMA released the Jamison Group Report which calls for Australia to commit to the fast-track of electric vehicles using electricity from renewable sources, and  Europe’s carmakers agreed on plug and socket standards for the electric vehicles which are due to hit the market next year. The Jamison Group warn that if nothing is done to develop new transport energy sources now, we will fall further behind leaving Australian motorists exposed to volatility in oil prices. Electric vehicles appear to be becoming a viable alternative option to oil based transport and Centroc will be showcasing the state-of-the-art in electric vehicle and recharging technology at the Summit.

In Central NSW, setting up a recharge network appears to be critical to the uptake of electric vehicles so we’ll be showcasing the electric recharging options currently available in Australia, like those offered by local researchers and developers as well as solutions offered by large infrastructure companies like Ecotality, Chargepoint and Better Place. (Click on each of the highlighted links to find out more)

As well as an all day mini expo at the Pit Complex which will showcase bikes, cars and recharge options and renewable energy amongst many other exhibits, the Summit’s programme includes a Mayoral Bike ride at 11.30 am, where mayors and the public are invited to showcase the latest in pushbike and electric bike technology and then the Electric Vehicle Challenge at 1.30pm. This is not a race but a chance for electric vehicles to demonstrate their capabilities and for visitors to Mt Panorama to speak with people who’ve had first hand experience of building, converting and driving electric vehicles of all types, from a quad bike to a 100% 4 wheel-drive Triton ute, and from a converted Capri to a Formula Green racing car! More details on the Summit at the Centroc homepage.

Click on this site to find out more about electric vehicles:

Kearon de Clouet of The Electric Car Company will be showcasing a range of vehicles, including his high performance electric racecar, the Formula Green.

With the sponsorship of Odyssey Batteries he’ll also be showcasing the battery technology which is already allowing fast recharging in Australia. He’ll be demonstrating 80% recharge in 15 minutes!

He’ll also be driving his home converted 100% electric powered Ford Capri around Mt Panorama. This vehicle has been in daily use since being registered in January 2009:

In March 2010, The Electric Car Company also gained a world land speed record on its electric motorcycle ‘Catavolt’, piloted by Kearon (pictured). You’ll be able to see the Catavolt up close at the Summit.

Also featured at the Summit will be Deep Green Research from Queensland (Click on the image to visit their website). Deep Green are world leaders in Research and Development for electric vehicles and they will be showcasing the Ultramotive ironless electric motor and Tritium controller developed and built in Brisbane and used in the Deep Green vehicle.

Deep Green Research Pty Ltd converted a 2008 Honda Civic VTi 1.8L 5 speed sedan from ICE to electric as a demonstration vehicle, now known as Deep Green. The vehicle was entered into the 2009 Global Green Challenge, an event run concurrent with the World Solar Challenge between Darwin and Adelaide. Another notable electric vehicle in the event, apart from the solar cars, was the Tesla, the world’s first mass-produced electric car (the Tesla is an EV conversion based on a Lotus two seat sports car chassis, not dissimilar from Deep Green.)

Deep Green was the most energy efficient car in the Eco Challenge event (for nonsolar cars), and achieved a range of 360kms on a single charge from its relatively small and inexpensive battery pack. This distance is possibly a world record for a vehicle of this type/weight and without the aid of aerodynamic or low roll resistance enhancements. Deep Green replicated its class leading efficiency during mixed and urban cycles, achieving greater efficiency than all other vehicles in the Challenge, be they electric, hybrid or petroleum.

Also featuring at the Summit will be the Blade Electron – Australia’s first commercially available plug-in electric vehicle. Based on the highly acclaimed and popular Hyundai Getz, and using state-of-the-art components, the Electron offers affordable, reliable electric motoring today. After a successful crash test in late 2009, BEV has been granted second stage manufacturing status, and the Electron® is eligible for registration in all Australian states and New Zealand. Electrons have already been purchased by some Victorian Councils and an Electron is even being driven by the New Zealand Environment Minister.

This video interview with Ross Blade, who developed the Electron, answers many of the questions people have about electric cars and recharging stations, but come to the Summit and ask your own questions! (click on the image to view the video)

We are currently calling for as many electric vehicles and bikes (both electric and pushbike) as possible to be represented at the Summit. If you would like to be involved contact Lis to register on 0457 835 730 or email Centroc.

So, mark the date in your diaries and come along for a spin!

Programme for Thursday 29th July

The Recharging the Region Expo will run from 9am to 5pm in the Pit Complex of Mt Panorama in Bathurst.
The Mayoral Bike Ride will be at 11.30am and the Electric Vehicle Challenge will commence at 1.30pm.
All events will be run from the Pit Complex of Mt Panorama in Bathurst. Parking at the site.

The programme for the day’s events on Thursday 29th July is also on the Centroc homepage at
Look forward to seeing you there!

We’d like to hear from you too! Tell us what you’re doing to help build resilience in the comments section below, and for each entry you make we’ll plant a tree for you in Central NSW. Indicate in which local government area you’d like your tree planted (view list of Centroc members in left hand bar to see which councils are eligible).



11 Responses to “First 100% Electric Vehicle Challenge at Mt Panorama, Bathurst”

  1. "It all sounds so very interesting but... let's hope history will not repeat itself! Nearly a decade ago electric cars were coming out of GM in droves to satisfy a California mandate to have a certain percentage of electric cars on the road by a certain time. GM would not sell the electric cars; they would only lease them. People loved the cars and many were on the roads running smoothly, efficiently and economically. The oil industry and GM worked to change the law in California. GM recalled all the leases and the company destroyed nearly every car in a crusher."

  2. "I am really looking forward to coming to the summit and seeing some of this for myself. My action for today was pulling all the recyclables out of the work bin and separating them for disposal. Messy, but necessary! Could I please have a tree planted in Orange for me?"

  3. "I'm looking forward to being there. Can you put up an outline of the day with starting time, expected finishing time etc.? With people coming from a distance it's nice to be able to plan ahead. A map of the site with parking, exhibit areas and toilets would also be handy. Keep up the good work!"

  4. "Hi Alan ... I've just updated the outline of the day above. Looking forward to seeing you there."

  5. "Wow, this is happening in my back yard? I was going to convert my Diahatsu Charade into an electric car some years ago when I cooked the engine. Unfortunately costs back then were too expensive. I would love to see where EV's are at now. I still have my Charade, and if someone can give the right advice and right price I will be happy to get it converted to an EV."

  6. "I am really looking forward to seeing these electric cars. I have been talking with my family and husband about the possibility of a joint purchase of an electric vehicle that can be shared between us. As I live next door to my parents and we all have cars it seems a waste, and perhaps instead we could sell the petrol guzzlers and replace with electric? This is a real consideration for us and I am looking forward to seeing what the options will be at the summit. Thanks"

  7. "Reading about the Electron, I wonder if I should buy one, or get my Charade converted? I guess I will find out more information on Thursday for which way to go. Also reading about what people have done to the Prius by putting solar panlels on top, they would say they could get a extra km or two out of a daily charge. If thats the case, I could drive around Bathurst virtually for FREE! Please plant a tree in a car park that need shade. :)"

  8. "It will be great having an EV. So when I go thru Red Rooster Drive Thru, my car wont be ideling and wasting fuel while my meal is being prepared. Can't wait to find the latest developments up on the Mount today. I'll be riding up there on my electric push bike. Please plant a tree in Bathust."

  9. "I'm so excited to get up to the mount at lunch time. I want to see the Solar Car. I was there at the Opera House when the 1st solar car crossed Australia back around 1980. I can't believe 30 years has passed since that achievement. Have we all been asleep? Lets hope a new dawn of actual use of this technology is taken up by society in everyday use starts from now. Looking at whats on display, One could easily build a solar car, by getting a recumdant bike, an electric bike motor, and solar panels... all up at the expo.... could be fun to do, I'll check it all out while there. It would make a great little town vehicle! Plant another Tree in Bathurst for me."

  10. "What a fantastic display of vehicles. I must admit I held a lot of the misconceptions that were mentioned about EVs and now I feel a lot more confident about going down this path. It was very exciting to see the Tesla, what a sexy vehicle. I loved the tiny sound of the EVs taking off for the competition too. Brilliant!"

  11. "Well it still costs a bit to buy an electric car or to convert your car to elecritc. But just reading in the Herald a new Australian/Chinese all electric car is to come on the market here in 2012 for the fantasic price of $9990 ! Ok, it has a 160km range and 80km/h speed limit, but what a great step in the right direction. How afforadble is that! Great for ferrying your kids to skool, getting to work, or doing the shopping. Best of cheap enough to just buy it on your credit card!"

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