Tussock Tamer Project, Upper Lachlan Shire

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Date: May 5, 2010
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Serrated Tussock is Public Enemy¬† Number 1 in the Upper Lachlan Shire. Mayor John Shaw is delighted that the Jerrawa Creek Landcare Group has recently won a Federal Government grant to reinvigorate the community’s war against serrated tussock. John was one of some 120 locals at a public meeting in Gunning last year which declared serrated tussock the most pressing agricultural and environmental problem in their district. In the photo above, the Mayor and CMA board member David Marsh are ceremonially slaughtering tussock plants with gold mattocks bought at huge expense with federal government funds especially for the occasion.

“I know that council staff and many individual land managers are working to control serrated tussock,” John said. “But neither Council nor individuals working alone can succeed. So, I am delighted that Council is joining Jerrawa Creek Landcare and the Lachlan CMA in the Tussock Tamer project.”

The partnership forged between the council, CMA and landcare through the Tussock Tamers is a new opportunity to reactivate local efforts to reduce the damage to our local environment and agricultural industry caused by this serious noxious weed.

Jerrawa Creek Landcare President Vince Heffernan agrees that many in the district had long been toiling against serrated tussock. “But,” he said “a single hit of Frenock or a whack with a mattock doesn’t solve the problem. We need consistent follow up. And we must take a broader farm management approach so that we stop these weeds returning.”
Through the Tussock Tamer project local land managers will gain the latest skills and knowledge on how to control weeds like serrated tussock effectively and economically. They will also get the benefit of the latest on how to prevent the return of noxious weeds and, at the same time, make their properties more sustainable, productive and enjoyable places.
What You Can Do
It doesn’t matter if you are a very experienced fifth generation full time farmer or a very new resident on a small hobby block. Serrated tussock affects us all. We are all a part of the solution. You can help contain this menace by joining the Tussock Tamer project. For more information contact Bob Spiller on bobandrosemary@optusnet.com.au.

Vince Heffernan, leading by example, registers his interest in being a part of the Tussock Tamer project.

(Thanks to the Lions Club of Gunning and¬† “THE VOICE of Upper Lachlan Shire, The Shire of Villages”, April 2010 for this info)

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