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Transport & Roads

Published Name Category
22/10/18 Freight and Ports Plan delivers kilos of studies and no roads Transport & Roads
26/06/18 Central NSW Councils remain hopeful about a safe swift connection into Sydney Transport & Roads
26/03/18 Centroc is jumping for joy – the corridor M7-Kurrajong has been announced Transport & Roads
08/02/18 Hands up for better transport links between Sydney and Central NSW Transport & Roads
29/11/17 Flying pigs, large balls, camel express and even Chuck Norris to the rescue. Transport & Roads
03/11/17 Let’s skip Sydney? Transport & Roads
19/05/16 Centroc and Minister Gay collaborate to unlock region’s potential aligning transport infrastructure priorities Transport & Roads
05/05/16 Central NSW Council Board members are meeting with 8 State Ministers in Sydney next week to raise local and regional issues Health
21/03/16 Less trucks, less congestion, more economic development Transport & Roads
06/10/15 NRMA and Centroc work for better roads for Central NSW Transport & Roads
15/05/15 We won’t give up on rail Transport & Roads
20/08/14 Central NSW Councils take Regional Priorities to Canberra Health
27/05/14 Centroc Mayors to Parliament House Health
24/04/14 Time for fair slice for Central NSW Planning
09/11/11 Centroc Mayors and Alby Schultz United on the Bells Line Transport & Roads
09/11/11 Cr Neville Castle says “have your say” on the Bells Line Transport & Roads
22/08/11 A truck friendly road over the Blue Mountains NOW Transport & Roads
11/08/11 “Transport Tsunami” alarms Cr Neville Castle into an urgent call to action – add your voice to Bells Line Express Campaign Transport & Roads
09/08/11 Freight over the Blue Mountains needs to be resolved Transport & Roads
06/12/10 Extension period extended for Bells Line consultation Transport & Roads
13/09/10 Have your say on the Bells Line of Road Transport & Roads
20/07/10 Bring on the Bells Line and cut the carnage Transport & Roads
09/07/10 Steering Committee to Tackle the Real Story on Bells Line Funding Transport & Roads
16/06/10 Centroc calls for the next steps to be taken to secure the Bells Line Corridor Transport & Roads
10/03/10 Chair of Centroc saddened by more accidents on the Bells Line Transport & Roads