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Water Utilities Alliance

Our national award winning Centroc Water Utilities’ Alliance aims to achieve 100% Best Practice in secure and quality water supplies and sewerage services to 2059 in the context of climate change.

Working collaboratively the region is delivering programming that saved member Councils money, grows expertise and shares resources.

The Centroc Board calls on the State and Federal Government to work with Local Government in this region and build on the extensive strategic effort already undertaken to identify and implement infrastructure solutions for water security. This should include the development of a new water storage in Central NSW.

Water Utilities Alliance Project Background

Centroc member Councils are proud to deliver secure quality water supplies and sewerage services to their communities as a good value proposition. Working collaboratively through the Centroc Water Utilities’ Alliance they aim to be recognised is national leaders in the delivery of secure and quality water supplies and sewage services to grow Central NSW to 2059 and beyond. The objectives of the CWUA is to effectively:

  1. deliver cost savings and other efficiencies;
  2. grow staff skills and ensure workforce are adequately trained for compliance based service delivery;
  3. support members in assuring sustainable workforce;
  4. promote Local Government as the agency of choice delivering water utilities management in regional NSW and further afield;
  5. advise the Centroc Board regarding Water Utilities Management;
  6. deliver full compliance with Best Practice requirements;
  7. implement Regional Best Practice strategies; and
  8. promote the CWUA as an example of Councils working collaboratively.

For more detail on the Centroc Water Utilities Alliance click here or contact: Meredith Macpherson, Program Manager, Centroc Water Utilities Alliance or on 0427 451 085