Water Security Study

In November 2008, Centroc embarked upon a study of our region’s water supplies. At the time, while the need for improved water security was widely accepted, the extent of the threat was unknown. How serious was the situation? Were we at risk of running out of water? If so, when?

Our investigation included sophisticated modelling to forecast urban demand from the dozens of towns within our remit, for a 50-year horizon through to 2059. These forecasts took into account projected population growth tempered by the necessity that we become more efficient in our urban water usage. We also modelled our surface and groundwater resources and considered the impact of both the current climate sequence and a climate change scenario.

What we learned was alarming: 29 towns were at risk and required substantial improvements to be made to their water security.

We then, in consultation with our 17 local government members and our many other external stakeholders, set about understanding and evaluating the available options. Ultimately, we settled upon an integrated program of water conservation and demand management measures, coupled with new and upgraded water supply and storage infrastructure.

Our Strategy for Sustainable Success
Share – improve and secure water supply for all users
Save – reduce water loss and increase efficiency of usage
Diversify – adapt to the threat of climate change by putting in place less climate-dependant water supply measures Optimise – improve the operational efficiency of our existing water supply network
Organise – combine forces and resources for the benefit of the region.