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Water Utilities Alliance
Our national award winning Centroc Water Utilities’ Alliance aims to achieve 100% Best Practice in secure and quality water supplies and sewerage services to 2059 in the context of climate … Read More

Water Infrastructure

Centroc’s priorities for water infrastructure are as follows:

Lobby for funding for water supply security.

Seek funding and develop programming for the outcomes of the Centroc Water Security Study.

Provide regional based water engineering advice to the Board as requested.

Scope programming in water management practices – long term – including irrigation. Environmental issues and government service provision issues to be assessed.

Respond to Murray Darling Basin Authority plan impacts and programs.

Advocate to ensure water and sewer infrastructure management and ownership is retained by Local Government.

Deliver the Centroc Water Utilities Alliance (CWUA) Plan for 2014/2016 where its objectives are to:

  1. deliver cost savings and other efficiencies;
  2. grow staff skills and ensure workforce are adequately trained for compliance based service delivery
  3. support members in assuring sustainable workforce;
  4. promote Local Government as the agency of choice delivering water utilities management in regional NSW and further afield;
  5. advise the Centroc Board regarding Water Utilities Management;
  6. achieve full compliance with Best Practice requirements;
  7. implement Regional Best Practice strategies and
  8. promote the CWUA as an example of Councils working collaboratively

Submissions and feedback into State and Federal Government strategy regarding water infrastructure and the delivery of water and sewer services to Central NSW communities can be found by clicking here.

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