The Centroc Management Plan identifies the following priorities for telecommunications:

  1. Future proof telecommunications for the region
  2. Ensure long term broad band accessibility for the region:
  3. Ensure adequate man-power to service the region
  4. Improve mobile phone service across the region

Centroc’s position on broadband is that:

  1. any upgrades be affordable and will scale into the future with the growth of broadband needs
  2. there be wholesale access to infrastructure
  3. there be price parity
  4. there be no overbuild
  5. the regulatory environment be amended to enable the above and
  6.  this region be considered early in the roll out as we are broadband ready and an area of need

Centroc has undertaken significant audit work regarding telecommunications in this region.

Submissions and feedback into State and Federal strategy telecommunications infrastructure can be found by clicking here.

The Centroc Board progresses advocacy regarding this priority at its quarterly meetings. To read the most recent Centroc Board Papers click here.

Publications including plans and strategies for telecommunications can be found by clicking here.

Media releases on Telecommunications can be found by clicking here.

This priority is sponsored by Mr Garry Styles, General Manager of Orange City Council.

For more advice please contact the Centroc Executive Officer, Jenny Bennett.