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Roads & Transport Infrastructure

Bells Line of Expressway

A safe swift link between Central NSW and Sydney is a priority of the Centroc Board.

The securing of the Corridor along the Bells Line of Road alignment with a link into the M7 is the first step.

The Centroc Board thanks the NSW Government for it $43m commitment to safety upgrades on the Bells Line while progressing the planning and corridor selection for the future development of a safe swift link between Central NSW and Sydney. The Centroc Board is calling on the State Government to progress the next steps on corridor selection as soon as possible and have Local Government involvement at the steering committee level.

Other Transport Priorities

The region welcomes the State’s new focus on strategic work for transport.

The region have been involved in developing advice to the Sub Plan for Central NSW as we are acutely aware of the needs for this area. We also look forward to the Department of Planning and Infrastructure developing a plan for this region.

The region is concerned about the use of “regions” where there is too much of a focus on Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong in the work to date where Newcastle, the Central Coast and Wollongong are described as “regional.” Given that the State Government has policy for spend “in the regions” including these metropolitan areas is not appropriate.


Roads and Transport Infrastructure background

 The Centroc Management Plan identifies the following priorities for road and transport infrastructure:

 Support Bells Line Of Expressway Group with a focus on sequestering the corridor. There is significant support material for this initiative at the Bells Line of Expressway Group website.

  1. Develop lobbying support information as requested in the areas of road deficiencies, rail infrastructure and intermodal facilities. This is to include the Blayney/Demondrille Line and Maldon Dombarton Line.
  2. Provide advocacy material to ensure the policy of members is being addressed in the ongoing roll out of the $5m Federal spend on transport studies for Central NSW.
  3. Provide regional based engineering advice to the Board as requested including for submissions.
  4. Maintain the Centroc Policy for responding to issues relating to regional services remaining at Kingsford Smith Airport (KSA). Support the current services to Parkes, Orange and Bathurst and encourage any future expansion of the service.
  5. Support strategic planning for Transport.
    1. Road.
    2. Rail.
    3. Airports

Click here to view submissions and feedback into State and Federal strategy regarding roads and transport infrastructure.

The Centroc Board progresses advocacy regarding this priority at its quarterly meetings. Click here to view the most recent Centroc Board Papers.

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This priority is sponsored by Mr Kent Boyd, General Manager of Parkes and Mr Roger Bailey, General Manager of Lithgow. A team of engineers from the region provide support.

For more advice please contact the Centroc Executive Officer, Jenny Bennett.