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100,000 Hands across the Region

A grass roots campaign to grow resilience in Central NSW through Tourism

At the Centroc Summit 2010 it was identified that while cities in Central NSW are experiencing growth, there are challenges facing many small villages. There are a range of opportunities to revitalise these villages, which include attracting cultural and IT industries to the region. Tourism is another sector which offers good potential.

The development of a strategic and co-ordinated regional approach working on the strengths of the smaller communities with the added regional overlay of possible networks and clusters between them will offer greater resilience to Central NSW.

The 100 Mile Diet concept was mooted with a request for advice to come to the next Summit regarding resilience for smaller communities.

This evolved through the efforts of the tourism managers of the region and Central NSW Tourism to the 100,000 Hands project which seeks to grow tourism through a grass roots campaign of telling our own stories and regional cross promotion.

The 100,000 Hands Facebook Page and the 100 Mile Diet brochure both launched at the Summit in 2012.