Planning Reforms

Centroc members support keeping Local in Local Government. Communities should be the arbiters of development in their environs and this should be managed through their Local Councils.

Where Centroc members are all for streamlining and simplifying processes, they have great concerns for the changes mooted by the Planning White Paper particularly as they affect Local control over development.

Further, the introduction of concept like regional plans and Board only complicates matters, especially in rural NSW where they are perceived to be just another hurdle for development rather than a simplification.

The Centroc Board notes that communities are slow to take up the offer of developing strategy but quick to complain at the point end of development ‘over the fence’ that does not fit with their perceptions of amenity. The Board therefore anticipates that there will be significant outcry with corollary amendments to the already complex “new” Act that will deliver worsening planning practise and outcomes.

The Planning Reform process is a missed opportunity to get it right, especially in Central NSW.