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Local Government Reform
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The Centroc Management Plan identifies the following priorities for planning:

1. Investigate member status with their LEPs and the possibility of developing a regional working group to support this process;
2. Respond to the NSW Planning Reforms;
3. REPPs – for example mining;
4. Monitor the Destination 2036 Process and provide advice to the Board accordingly;
5. Sustain Local Government through providing advice and support regarding:

  • Funding for infrastructure.
  • Governance.
  • Assets management.
  • Financial management – long term sustainability of local government.

6. Scope the synthesis of the Integrated Planning and Reporting work being undertaken by members both across Local Government in Centroc and with State and Federal agencies, the Plan for the Central West and the State Plan. In this synthesis include the development of processes with other levels of government that:

  • improve communication;
  • reduce duplication;
  • simplify reporting and access to each other’s information and
  • maximize opportunity;

7.  Provide scoping advice on fee for service for programming outside the scope of the Centroc Management Plan.

Submissions and feedback into State and Federal strategy regarding planning most particular the State Planning and Local Government Reforms can be found by clicking here

The Centroc Board progresses advocacy regarding this priority at its quarterly meetings. The most recent Centroc Board Papers can be found by clicking here.

Publications including plans and strategies for planning can be found by clicking here.

Media releases related to Planning can be found here.

This priority is sponsored by Mr Paul Devery, General Manager of Cowra Shire Council, Mr David Sherley, General Manager of Bathurst Regional Council and Mr Garry Styles, General Manager of Orange City Council.

For more advice please contact the Centroc Executive Officer, Jenny Bennett.