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The Centroc Management Plan identifies the following priorities for Health:

1. Implement Beyond the Range Project Year 1
2. Support growth of cancer care services in the region.
3. Undertake advocacy for members and the region on an as needs basis.
4. Develop policy and actions responding to the emergent needs of members in health.
5. Consideration of the Federal Government Reform processes – e.g. levels of service and community based health planning and how this will impact on Local Government, funding changes that may impact on funding levels in community services (e.g. HACC).
6. Ensure the smaller community needs for health servicing are assessed.
7. Aged care to be a specific issue for consideration

While health is not in the remit of services delivered by Local Government, as our communities seek support to ensure metro-comparable access to health services, so our Councils accept the challenge.

Ensuring adequate health services and building community resilience to improve health outcomes for regional communities form the basis of Centroc’s efforts in health lobbying.

The ‘Beyond the Range’ project, being delivered by our members with support from the mining industry, seeks to attract and retain health workforce.

Submissions and feedback into State and Federal strategy regarding health can be found by clicking here.

The Centroc Board progresses advocacy regarding this priority at its quarterly meetings. To read the most recent Centroc Board Papers, click here.

Publications including plans and strategies for health can be found by clicking here.

Media releases related to Health can be found by clicking here.

This priority is sponsored by Mr Brian Steffen General Manager of Forbes. He is supported by representatives of Councils and peak health bodies from across the region.

For more advice please contact the Centroc Executive Officer, Jenny Bennett.