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Photos of Central NSW

Centroc has two comprehensive library of images for use by its member councils.

You may find images listed below useful for your project or click here to view images from the Screen Central Website

The below listed images are accessible by clicking here – You will be sent to a login page BUT THAT’S OK Centroc Staff will help you! Call Jenny on 0428 690 935.

The aim of the regional photography library is to demonstrate activity already happening in the Centroc region that is helping to build a clean energy future.

The photographic brief is aimed at telling the visual story of the Carbon Plus Study and associated Communication Plan. These images captured but were not limited to photographs presenting the region as

• using cutting edge farming technologies
• responsible managers of water
• populated by resilient, modern, educated, intelligent people with an understanding of sustainability
• worthy of investment
• diverse and engaging
• whilst reflecting the seasonality of the region.

The images aim to reflect the 17 LGAs that form the Centroc network with a focus on the agricultural, farming and water management sectors.

The photography is aimed to present part of the vision for a sustainable and resilient region in the face of a future with less water and a greater need for renewable and low-carbon energy sources and demonstrate Centroc’s leadership in the development of tangible and existing responses to these pressures. The aim is to demonstrate this via photographs of those within the Centroc community that may promote further action by other sectors, community groups and individuals in response to these issues, especially via association of familiar locations, people and practices which have merit with the audiences we are targeting who don’t resonate with glossy, tricked up imagery or stock photography that is potentially meaningless.

Due to the diverse landscape of the Centroc communities resources to cover all of the LGAs was limited by budget and travel costs to each location. Provision was then made part way through the project to cover all of these areas via aerial photography, with the aim to complete the library encompassing all communities either via on ground shots or via aerial images. This approach also aimed to cover the broad cross section of community size, landscape and industry that forms each LGA area.

Photoshoot 1 – Was primarily aimed to capture some of the diverse, high-tech and where possible sustainable industries of the region. These images capture HOW (some of) the people within the Centroc Region earn a living and also accessible to state of the art health and educational facilities.

The images in the library include:

–    Pybar Building (Orange)
–    Prevision Manufacturing (Orange)
–    Devro Food Processing (Bathurst)
–    Nestle Purina Pet Food manufacturers (Blayney)

–    Orange Hospital (under construction)
–    Aboriginal Health Care Facility (Orange)
–    Bathurst Hospital (Bathurst)

–    CSU University (Orange)
–    Central West Community College (Bathurst)

–    Linfox Transport (Blayney)

–    Borrodell Winery (Orange)
–    Australian Bee Exporters (Blayney)

–    Blayney Wind Farms (Blayney)

Photoshoot 2 – Aimed to capture the agricultural sector of the Central West Farming Systems community and showcase these regional heroes in their working environments. These shots were aimed to demonstrate the agricultural industry within Centroc as the high tech and educated community of farmers that they are. The ongoing education and research as well as the introductory learnings of newer farming techniques at a primary school level was also pinpointed for the shoot.

These shots also demonstrate the Centroc farming WAY OF LIFE on the land. Images captured in this shoot included:

–    Farming technologies and equipment
–    Research and Development as part of the Agricultural Research Station (Condobolin)
–    Education of new farming principles to Primary and infants school children
–    Diversity of farms (cotton, wheat crops, livestock)
–    Our regional heroes

Photoshoot 3 – Structured at taking a birds eye view of the region from the air. Primarily aimed at capturing the huge extent of Centroc as a region, demonstrating its captivating and diverse landscapes, its natural reserves, the interaction between water and communities. Capturing each community to demonstrate an all inclusive approach.

Shots taken in this shoot included but were not limited to:

Shots to North, East, South, West at Sunrise
Centroc Communities within their landscape
Lithgow Coal Power Station
Hampton Scenery
Oberon Forestry
Orange Newcrest Mine
Crookwell Windfarms
Young patchwork of landscape and growth
North Parkes Mine
Parkes Logistics hub
Orange Stormwater catchment
Carcoar Lake Rowlands
Wellington Township & Burrendong Dam
Wyangla Dam

Photoshoot 4 – This forth and final shoot is aimed to capture how we live as communities, our housing, our educational institutes encouraging better building of carbon neutral housing and those that are actively contributing. This shoot is aimed at capturing THE PEOPLE of the Centroc Communities. People relate to people and if the message is being set by example it further strengthens the campaign and communicates the benefits wider by leading by example. These shots were taken onground in and around, Bathurst, Forbes, Parkes and Cowra, including but not limited to the following:

Solar Panel Installations on:
– Scally Wags Childcare Centre
– National Motor Racing Museum
– Mt Panorama – Women’s Toilet block
– Bathurst VIC Solar Panel installation
Bathurst Sustainable house
Rahamin Ecological Learning Centre

TAFE Western GreenSkills Trade Building Centre

Cowra Seed & Grain – solar panels
Sarajane Furniture Factory  – Ducting System
Lachlan River and Cowra Community

Community Residents – Robert Field’s solar array
Canola Fields
CO2 Mallee Plantation – Condobolin Rd

Cowhan’s Dairy
Livestock Exchange
Sunnydale Lamb Farm
Community Resident – Tracking solar array
Woolerina – Local Industry with solar panels
Brine Cure Industry

Click here to access the complete library of Regional Images. You will be sent to a login page BUT THAT’S OK Centroc Staff will help you! Call Jenny on 0428 690 935.