Sustainability Mentoring Tool

Mentoring for Sustainability – A guide to running a mentoring program for your council

This guide explains how to establish a successful mentoring program to foster knowledge about sustainability within your council – a program that works, that builds competence and improves sustainable outcomes.

The aim of this guide is to provide:

  • advice about the pitfalls and benefits of using mentoring as a way of building your council’s capacity to improve sustainability
  • expertise and practical support to help your council establish a mentoring for sustainability program
  • ideas and templates that have been used in council mentoring programs that can be adapted to suit your own needs.

The guide has been developed by Central NSW Councils (Centroc) with funding from the NSW Environmental Trust. It is based on the recent experience Centroc has gained while taking part in two successful mentoring programs for council staff.

Who is this guide for?

This guide is for managers working for local councils in NSW, particularly Human Resources or Sustainability Managers, who wish to add a mentoring program to the range of professional development options available to council staff.

Essentially this guide outlines how to set up and deliver a ‘within-Council’ mentoring program for sustainability. However, the processes outlined here could also be used to set up mentoring between two councils, where both councils provide mentors and mentees, or mentoring programs delivered by regional organisations of councils (ROCs).
The guide has potential for broader application too. Although it has been written in a local government context, and contains references to local government throughout, the program framework and tools provided here could be adapted to suit other types of business or organisation.

Structure of the guide – The guide has four sections:

  1. Understanding mentoring
  2. Setting up your mentoring program
  3. Running your program
  4. Finishing up.

Templates that you can use and adapt are included throughout the guide. Click here to download a PDF of the complete Mentoring for Sustainability Guide.