Enterprise Risk Management Handbook

Please read the following Conditions of Use

This handbook has been designed by Members of the Centroc Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Project Team* for other Councils within the Centroc Group of Councils to use as a starting point to construct an enterprise risk management system.

This handbook should be used in conjunction with other documents available from the Centroc ERM Project Team and, due to the dynamics of Local Government should not be relied upon as the “Bullet proof” solution to risk management. End users of this handbook are reminded that this document is for guidance only and must be adapted to reflect the risk appetite and work practices of the individual Council.

The drafters of this document take no responsibility for the use or misuse of this, or other related documents produced by the Group. It is recommended that end users of this document seek training before attempting to implement a risk management system within their organisation.

This Handbook and other related documents remain the property of the Centroc ERM Project Team and as such are not to be used or reproduced without written permission of the Team.

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