Distributed Energy Plan toolkit

A key output of Centroc’s three year Climate Adaptation program ‘That’s a Good Idea’ (TAGI) was the Distributed Energy Plan (DEP) completed at the end of 2012. The initial DEP pilot project involved six Councils from the Centroc region, namely Bathurst, Cowra, Forbes, Orange, Wellington and Young respectively, resulting in the development of a regional framework for renewable energy and energy efficiency planning
together with the delivery of an interactive toolkit.

It is envisaged that the use of the toolkit by all Centroc member Councils will enable Councils (a) to identify appropriate sites for plausible and affordable energy efficiency and renewable energy options, and (b) provide the starting point for Centroc member councils to become “grant ready” for further works.

The Distributed Energy Toolkit is available to all Centroc councils. If you are interested in a copy please click here.