Human Resources

The Human Resources Management Group was formed in 1993 as a forum for HR Managers across Centroc member councils. The group meets quarterly around the region with their vision and objectives being recently redefined as the following:


To provide Centroc member councils with strategic human resources direction and support to move forward with a sustainable workforce by expanding our knowledge, experience and resources through continual learning, regional cooperation and collaboration.


  1. Develop a more sustainable and productive workforce by encouraging continual learning and by sharing knowledge and experience across the region via the active ties of the HR Managers Group.
  2. Provide appropriate, cost effective, timely and accessible training to member councils through the Regional Training Service whilst providing an income stream for Centroc.

The HR Managers Group is sponsored by Mr David Sherley, General Manager of Bathurst Regional Council.

For more information on the HR Managers Group or if you are interested in making a presentation at the next meeting contact Carolyn Griffin.