Trust Attribution

Centroc has work for many years with the NSW Environmental Trust (the Trust) on a variety of projects to strengthen the resilience of the communities of the Local Government Areas of Central NSW.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Trust and direct interested parties to our Square Deal Blog to find advice about community and Council projects and programs including those developed with the support of Trust resources creating  a more sustainable environment in our region.

About the Trust

The NSW Environmental Trust is an independent statutory body established by the NSW government to fund a broad range of organisations to undertake projects that enhance the environment of NSW. The Trust is empowered under the Environmental Trust Act 1998, and its main responsibility is to make and supervise the expenditure of grants. The Trust is administered by the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH), Department of Premier and Cabinet.

The Trust is chaired by the Minister for Environment. For 2013-14 members are the Director-General of Department of Premier and Cabinet, Chief Executive Officer of the Environment Protection Authority (EPA), representatives from Local Government, the Nature Conservation Council and NSW Treasury.

The objectives of the NSW Environmental Trust are:

  • to encourage and support restoration and rehabilitation projects
  • to promote research into environmental problems of any kind
  • to promote environmental education in both the public and private sectors
  • to fund the acquisition of land for the national parks estate
  • to fund the declaration of areas for marine parks and for related purposes
  • to promote waste avoidance, resource recovery and waste management (including funding enforcement and regulation and local government programs)
  • to fund environmental community groups
  • to fund the purchase of water entitlements for the purpose of increasing environmental flows for the State’s rivers and restoring or rehabilitating major wetlands.

The Trust also reimburses NSW Treasury for approved forestry restructuring payments under the Forestry Restructuring and Nature Conservation Act 1995.