That’s a Good Idea (TAGI) and Climate Adaption

Environment Program activities included:

  • That’s a Good Idea!
  • Weather Report
  • Capacity Building
  • Composting
  • Carbon Expo
  • Climate Adaptation
  • Climate Risk Assessment
  • Business Sustainability

“That’s a Good Idea!” was Centroc’s flagship sustainability project.  It recognised that there were (and continue to be) significant knowledge gaps throughout the region in terms of sustainable ideas and practice. Particularly, there are gaps in relation to the hands on practice of sustainability within councils and composting both in agriculture and home gardens, although this is now rapidly changing.

That’s a Good Idea! investigated good ideas and programs that were happening around the region and worked to make those ideas and programs available to other councils.

That’s a Good Idea! focused on three areas to build sustainable practice in the Centroc region:

  • Capacity Building
  • Council Organisational Change
  • Composting

The final report for this project has been completed and the work undertaken in this program has been praised by the NSW Environmental Trust who funded this program.