Distributed Energy Plan

Arup assisted several Centroc members, including Bathurst, Cowra, Forbes, Orange, Young, and Dubbo (member of the Bathurst-Orange-Dubbo alliance) to develop Distributed Energy Plans in addition to a Distributed Energy Toolkit. This toolkit will assist Centroc members to evaluate distributed energy on specific council sites.

The objective of the distributed energy plans for the participating councils and the regional framework is to deliver significant financial and environmental benefits through both the reduction of energy usage and substitution of coal-fired electricity with lower carbon, potentially locally generated alternatives. It is envisaged that the plan will form the backbone of these Councils’ energy strategy for the next 10 years and build on the energy efficiency and carbon work already completed by the participating councils.

Individual Council Distributed Energy Plans are available for download below:

Upper Lachlan

Through this work, a Distributed Energy Toolkit was developed by Arup for use by all Centroc members to evaluate new projects and the potential for distributed energy in their design.

The Toolkit provides:

  • guidance for councils on how to make a decision on mid-scale clean energy projects – establishing a strategy, understanding site characteristics, and assessing the feasibility of clean energy projects at sites
  • explains the key technologies, how they work, their application and rules of thumb to determine cost and operating requirements that inform suitability
  • allows users to conduct a ’first-pass’ business case for clean energy or energy efficiency projects that are suitable for their Council or region.

The Distributed Energy Toolkit is available to all Centroc councils by contacting Kate Barker.