Compliance and Cost Savings

Centroc has developed a Compliance and Cost Savings program to provide support to its members in complying with requirements from the Department of Local Government and to assist them in saving money through regional initiatives.

This program works across all aspects of Council including:

Supply Management

Regional Directors of Corporate Services

Regional IT

Human Resources Management Group

WHS working Group

Centroc Water Utilities Alliance


Centroc’s Compliance and Cost Savings program has achieved more than $2,000,000 in savings for its members through two ways:

  • regional purchasing
  • reviewing of existing expenditure

For more details on recent activities please view Centroc’s Annual Report

Centroc’s success in regional activities comes from trialing the programs with a few interested member councils in order to test the processes and ensure success for the region before rolling it out to all members.

If you have a product or service that will benefit Centroc members, please fill in our Cold Call Survey and your information will be passed onto the relevant team for their consideration.

The Compliance and Cost Savings Program is sponsored by Mr Brian Steffen, General Manager of Forbes Shire Council, and Mr John Bell, General Manager of Upper Lachlan Shire Council.

If you are interested in learning about how Centroc can help your council save money please contact our Compliance and Cost Savings Program Manager, Lee Chapman.