Water Utilities Alliance

Centroc member Councils are proud to deliver secure quality water supplies to their communities working collectively to deliver efficiencies and improve the quality of service in this sector through regional procurement of Best Practice Plans and asset management services.

The need for the region to work co-operatively was identified in the national award winning Centroc Water Security Study. Adopting the successful Lower Macquarie Water Utilities Alliance model, the Centroc Water Utilities Alliance (CWUA) was established in 2009.

The Alliance comprises 14 Central NSW Councils including Bathurst, Blayney, Boorowa, Cabonne, Cowra, Forbes, Lachlan, Lithgow, Oberon, Orange, Parkes, Upper Lachlan, Weddin, and Young Shire Councils as well as Central Tablelands Water.

The Alliance reports to the Centroc Board via the General Managers Advisory Committee and has been established under S 355(d) of the NSW Local Government Act (1993). Chaired by Andrew Francis, Manager Natural Resources, Parkes Shire Council, the Alliance comprises an Executive of members from 5 councils and meets bi-monthly.

The CWUA is receiving national recognition as an example of Councils working collaboratively and innovatively to deliver efficient, cost effective water and sewer infrastructure and services for their communities.

Achievements to date:

  • Secured funding to procure the “Carbon Plus” project aimed at limiting the carbon footprint of the Regional Water Security Study
  •  Created working groups and sub-committees
  •  Developed a first round of funding and a Management Plan for 2 years of activity

Nearing delivery of 100% Best Practice Plans including:

  1. Regional Integrated Water Cycle Management Plan;
  2. Regional Demand Management Strategy
  3. Regional Drought Management Plan; and
  4. Regional Strategic Business Plans.
  • Secured Department of Health funding to develop Drinking Water Quality Management Plans for member Councils
  • Developed a Five Year Regional Procurement Schedule for strategic work for members in line with IP&R requirements to minimise cost and maximise outputs
  • Implemented a Regional program for asset management including:
  1.  Smoke testing for reticulation
  2. Asset Revaluations
  3. CCTV condition assessment of sewer mains
  4. With planning underway for pipe relining
  • Regional membership of Savewater! Alliance program including shower head exchange, advertising and bill inserts
  • Completed a Training Mentoring Workforce Resource Sharing and Procurement Plan and a linkage paper between this and a similar Plan developed by the Lower Macquarie Water Utilities Alliance
  • Developed and delivered training for water operators in Water Sampling in partnership with the NSW Department of Health with other training in development
  • Initiated a Workforce Development pilot project with 5 member Councils with a view to securing funding for the development of core competency training for the water sector
  • Developed templates for a CWUA Mentoring Program for use by local council staff working with the Centroc Water Utilities Alliance – in this first instance as part of a mentoring program to develop leadership skills.

For more information on the Alliance, the Centroc Water Utilities Alliance Toolkit contains information, tools and resources to help groups of Councils set-up a Water Utilities Alliance in line with the model used by the Centroc group of Councils adopted from the Lower Macquarie model contact Meredith Macpherson, Program Manager, Centroc Water Utilities Alliance meredith.macpherson@centroc.com.au or on 0427 451 085